Toasty Heater Price In US (Beware Of Scammers): Toasty Heater US Is it Worth The Money?

Toasty Heater is a portable mini heater sold online at $49.99 per unit on the official website in the United States (US).

Just like other products, there are thousands of reviews. We came across many websites, telling completely different story about the same product making it extremely difficult for people to make the right decision. With this in mind, we contacted the manufacturer in order to have first hand information about this product. Luckily, we succeed. We learnt that this product is available only on the manufacturer’s website, unfortunately, it is only available in the United States. also, we learnt the current price which we will reveal shortly. Sorry if you have fall victims. We are here to exposed the hidden information most website don’t want to reveal.

Like most of our reviews, we did extensive research so that we will get all the information that you might be searching. As regards purchase, we advised you go through the review in details, if possible read other reviews, do your personal research independently, contact the manufacturer if possible so that you can hear from the horse’s mouth.

Unlike before, we have other reviews we are recommending. If you have time, read all and see if there’s consistent information. We will be leaving the link in the description below. We don’t have much interest, you can buy from any place, provided that it is from the official website and at the current price. The company is selling it at a 50% discount on all orders with money-back guarantee.

Sponsored reviews that you might want to read:

According to verified consumer reports, Toasty heater looks like the cheapest though we have seen other heaters selling at similar prices. Is okay if you doubt it but the truth remains the truth. Toasty heater is number one consumer choice in America, the company is based in America and sold to American only.

Please stay with us q this winter. On paper, it is the best despite its obvious limitations. There’s still need to know more before buying, there are other Heaters that might make a difference. 

Product Overview (Toasty Heater US Reviews)

Product Name: Toasty Heater

Category: Home Accessory

Weight: 1.25 pounds

Heating Technology: Ceramic 

Coverage: Up to 350 square feet

Power: 500W

Starting price: $49.99

Key Highlights

  • Toasty heater heats in minutes
  • Toasty heater covers more space
  • Toasty heater is cordless, powerful, compact, lightweight, and very safe to use
  • Toasty heater is smart, it comes with additional features like remote control, timer, and temperature regulation
  • Toasty heater is not good in larger space unless you want to use more than one unit simultaneously 

What Is Toasty Heater?

Toasty heater is a compact, portable, cordless, smart, and wall outlet space heater for indoor use. Unlike some high quality space heaters, Toasty heater has limited capacity which limits its use to medium sized rooms, your personal space, and other smaller spaces. 

Toasty heater heats by ceramic heating technology like most heaters sold in the United States before. It has an in-built fan for quick distribution of warmed air. It is highly energy efficient unlike some low-cost heaters sold before. It is powerful though it is not the best option when heating an extremely large space.

Like most heaters available today, Toasty heaters are very easy to operate. Now it has a remote control, making it possible to control from a distance. Newbies, elderly people, and anyone who hasn’t used a similar product before should have no issues in using it. It is a 100% plug and play device.

Toasty heater is fairly priced and it is available on the official website. Now it is selling for under $50 with free shipping in almost all the States in the United States of America. The company promised more discounts when buying from the official website. 

Toasty heater is portable, compact with lightweight design. It can be used from room to room, from office to office without any hassle. Toasty heaters are trending, a lot of people have shown great interest though some people aren’t completely thrilled. For sure the idea is great and the packaging is also outstanding.

Toasty heater looks unique from what has been in existence before but there are some similarities between it and other ceramic heaters available today. It has a remote control like other quality space heaters. It has sensors, Display unit, different temperature settings, Timer and multiple heating modes.

Toasty heater is specially designed for people looking to keep warm all winter long without spending more on their heating bills. It Consumes very little energy yet it has the capacity to keep everything warm. It looks durable though we don’t know its life span for the time being. 

It is incredibly powerful, lightweight, compact, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient. It heats elegantly, more quickly than the majority of traditional heaters, and without any mechanical parts to maintain.

Truly, Toasty Heater is not the greatest indoor heater available in the United States and it may not compete favorably with most high end space heaters on the market today. At this price it looks like the best. It is most effective when used as an additional heating source, which makes it perfect for winterizing tiny spaces. It provides portable and remote warmth and is even faster than a central heater. Its capacity is sufficient to maintain a typical room’s warmth regardless of the outside temperature. It is more economical, noiseless, compact, and Smarter.

Currently, Toasty heater is available on the official website only, at $49.99 for just one unit. The manufacturer promised more discounts to all our readers buying more than one unit in one round. They also promised free shipping, money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer service.

Features Of Toasty Heater 

Toasty heater has outstanding features which are responsible for its efficiency and performance. These features make it unique and differentiate it from other similar brands.

Here are some of the features advertised by the manufacturer:

Remote Control: Toasty heater Comes with remote control. This feature allows the owner to control it from their comfort zone unlike before. The battery lasts longer and it is replaceable.

Timers: Just like most low-cost heaters, Toasty heaters come with timers which allow users to set up to 12 hours. There’s dedicated buttons for time increase and decrease.

Thermostat: This unit has a thermostat that controls the internal working temperature. It will shut down once the set temperature is reached or a threshold temperature is reached to avoid overheating.

Sensors: Toasty heater is smart unlike some other brands. It features some sensors like heat Sensor:

Lightweight, Portable And Compact: Toasty heater weighs just a few pounds unlike some heavy heaters around. It is compact and extremely portable. It takes up Very little space.

Full orbital heat oscillating system: With this feature Toasty heater thoroughly heats up any space, heating up every nook and cranny of your room and space.This ensures complete and total heating effect.

Cordless: Toasty heater is a wall outlet space heater so there’s no ugly cable to worry about.

User friendly: It is very user friendly, built in such a way that the safety of the users are guaranteed.

Quiet operation: It operates noiselessly causing no environmental disturbance or pollution.

Specifications Of Toasty Heater – US

  • Item weight in pounds: 1.25
  • Total capacity: 500W
  • Temperature range: 60 to 90 degree Fahrenheit
  • Heating method: Ceramic
  • Voltage rating: 110 – 120VAC
  • Frequency: 60Hz US Standard
  • Switch type: Single throw
  •  Dimension: ‎4.3″D x 4.3″W x 7.1″H
  • Space coverage: 350 square feet
  • Time setting: from 1 to 12 hours

How Does Toasty Heater Works 

Toasty heater is a ceramic heater. It converts electrical current into heat by Passing it over resistive materials (ceramic plates). as the current is struggling to pass through the resistance, heat is generated. There’s an in-built fan that swiftly distributes the heat to the surroundings. There is also an automatic on/off switch, timer, and many heating modes.

How To Use Toasty Heater

Using Toasty heater is straightforward. Once you have ordered it, remove it from the package, read the instruction manual, plug it in a suitable wall socket outlet, switch it on through its power button by the side of it. Set temperature, time, heating mode.

What Is A Toasty Heater Recommended In US?

Like every winter we’ve experienced, almost everything is Turning into cold. Heaters are in demand, currently there are a lot of options in the market. Why is everyone switching to Toasty heater? 

Well, there’s a lot of reasons, firstly the Toasty heater is doing the intended function. It keeps everything warm unlike some fake heaters sold today. Toasty heater keep you warm and cozy all winter long irrespective of the temperature.

Secondly, it is an affordable option. No doubt Price plays an important role in almost everything we use today. Why go for expensive brands When there’s an alternative? Sure it is not the cheapest but it is close to the best brand we’ve seen. 

Toasty heater is powerful, its capacity is capable of keeping everything warm Within minutes. 

Toasty heater is energy efficient too. It keeps you warm without consuming too much power. Compared to most central heaters, It uses 30% of energy.

Toasty heater is also faster, it offers rapid heating ensuring quick relaxation after a stressful day.  

Toasty heater offers portable heating, it is lightweight, portable, and compact. It can be used from one place to another without any hassle. 

Toasty Heater Manufacturers

Toasty Heater is designed and produced by a US based company. Currently, the manufacturer is selling only in the United States.

Do I Need A Toasty Heater This Winter?

Despite being good, there are places Toasty heater might not be needed. 

To be sincere, the overall capacity is 500W. At maximum power, it can only handle small places. It is advertised as a personal space heater. We also advised people to use it in a smaller space, within 250 square feet for best results. With what we’ve seen, Toasty heaters are not needed for people who have larger space to keep warm unless you can use more than one unit simultaneously. 

Again people who have enough heating budget to run their central heaters all winter long might not find it useful.

In summary, Toasty heater is useful for people who want to heat a small space, and who don’t want to spend much money on heating homes. It is fast, powerful but it has little heating power when compared to the central gas heating system and some high end portable Heaters.

Is Toasty Heater Worth The Money In The US?

It totally depends on what you are expecting from it. Normally, we don’t expect much from this type of heater.  they are okay for Smaller spaces and their performance might Reduce overtime. We don’t know its durability, the packaging looks good, the design looks okay, the materials look quality too. It works better than similar heaters we’ve tried though it costs more. Trust me, for your personal space, this heater is the best.

Toasty Heater Prices In US

On the official website, here are the updated prices. All prices are in the United States dollars.

  • Single Pack: 1 x Toasty heater for $49.99.
  • Studio Pack: 2 x Toasty heaters – $89.98.
  • Expansive Pack: 3 units for $119.97.
  • Go Big Pack: 4 units go for $139.96.
  • Deluxe Pack: 5 x Toasty heaters for $149.95 + Free Shipping.

Where To Buy A Toasty Heater?

Toasty Heater is available online on the official Website. There are a lot of similar products so beware of people trying to sell another product, especially when you want to buy it locally. 

Pros (Toasty Heater Reviews US)

  • It saves money.
  • It covers a larger space.
  • It is durable.
  • It offers rapid heating.
  • It is customizable.
  • It is portable, compact, and lightweight.
  • It comes with a remote control.
  • It is packaged in a flame retardant case.
  • It offers portable heating.
  • It has safety features.


  • It has limited capacity.
  • It is only available in the United States.
  • The stock is limited.
  • The performance might Reduce overtime.

Product Return Policy (Toasty Heater US)

The manufacturer Offers a 30-day return Policy on all the orders purchased from the official website. Any questions +1 (641) 925 3165. 

Toasty Heater Warranty (2 years)

With additional $19.99 you will be protected against –

  • Accidental damage protection.
  • Free parts replacement.
  • guarantee Express replacement service – we’ll ship you a replacement, so you don’t have to wait for a repair.
  • 24/7 priority access to Toasty Heaters experts.

Customer Reports

Toasty heaters are loved by many though there are some people that aren’t happy. Some complained about its limited capacity and additional money for a 2 years warranty. Majority of users recommend it, we rated it high, it looks like the best we’ve tried. Buy it if you are thrilled. In doubt, do your personal research, or read other reviews and see what other people said about it. Always buy from the official website.

Safety Precautions

  • Always plug in a wall socket outlet.
  • Don’t use it near flammable materials.
  • Don’t leave it running when not around.
  • Avoid contact with water. during cleaning, clean with damped clothe, don’t submerged it in water or any fluid.
  • Remove it from Wall socket before cleaning.

Final Thought 

In conclusion, Toasty heater is another quality space heater In the US that’s fairly priced. It has all the features of most high end heating devices and it is still affordable. We recommend it for home owners trying to heat small space, people who want to save money on their heating bills. It is faster than most of its competitors. Sure it is not the best but it is another option to consider when shopping for heaters this winter.

Make A Purchase If You are Completely Thrilled With it. In doubt, read other reviews of Toasty Heater.

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